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Shaking bad beats/card dead in live play

    • football123
      Joined: 13.03.2013 Posts: 31
      Once I built my bankroll up to where I could play 200NL (for me 50 BI's is an acceptable bankroll) I've started playing a lot of live games. 1/2 live is a pretty easy game, but when I'm running poorly for a long session it gets tough to shake tilt.

      I played a 8-9 hour session today, on the first hand of the session I ran into pocket aces with pocket kings, got away from it on the turn (board was J J 8 5 no flush draws on the flop) and lost about $75 on the hand. A couple hands later I ran into aces with kings again lost about $50 on it, grinded it out for about 4 hours and got back to about $170, got in a raising war with a short stack (about $70 in chips) ended up getting it all in the middle with my QQ vs 88 and he flopped a set.

      Played for about another 4/5 hours without even flopping a pair (I flopped the dummy end of a straight draw, which was my best flop all day) and the blinds ate away at me until I had about $50 left again got in a raising war with another short stack who still had me covered, ended up all in pre-flop with my AK vs AQ, he flopped a set of queens I didn't have a flush draw and was dead on the turn. Rather than rebuy I just drove home. I literally didn't have a single hand that would have won a showdown the whole session. Middle pair on a 9 :spade: 10 :spade: J :spade: flop was the best I had all day.

      I'm not sure how to shake tilt at live games, when I play online I just get up from the table, take a drive, bitch about my bad beats to my girl, etc. Any tips on how to shake it live?
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    • naumuni
      Joined: 24.09.2009 Posts: 34
      Nothing u can do bro.Just play tight and wait for those few hands:) I play live once a week every thursday with my buddies and had a whole month when i was card dead every session.All u can do is hope for your luck to change.
    • DavidNegranu
      Joined: 25.11.2012 Posts: 160
      I play more live than online too, one thing that helps me when im card dead and frustrated is to just chat to the other players, not only does it help take your mind off some of the frustration but you can also gain some information about them that may be useful in the future. I.e how long they've been playing, what they do for a living etc