My first talkie

    • Foxxxen
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      Made my first video with audio commentary! The sound turned out low though, but it is audible if you crank up the volume.

      Any comments would be greatly appreciated! If you have trouble hearing me, please let me know so I can try to fix it in the next video.

      It's in my thread in the self-study section:

      Foxxxen's FL videos
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    • ciRith
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      Hi foxxxen,

      I found some time today (only bad tables at the moment :/). :)

      7:30, UL: The flopraise is close but withthe stats you have about the donker it is ok. The turn is a blank so I like to bet again to protect and to drive out the guy behind you (aand taking a free showdown).
      The river is close as played. A maniac won't have a J here and the opponent behind you neither. It's close but I call here and hope that the 3rd is folding as the maniac can as well have just a busted flush- or straight. (I haven't see the result by now.)

      10:00, BR: He didn't check/raised you. But well played anyway. :)

      19:20, UL: Ouch. :D

      20:00, UR: I would just fold QJo in the SB here. He has 8 (?) PFR so I doubt that he will come to the needed 37% you need to play your hand profitable.

      I'm sorry that I can't comment much more but there weren't really a lot of hands and you played most of them fine. :)
      I really liked it. Your english is great (in my opinion).
      Maybe you can record another one where you get some more hands.
    • TerrorBlade
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      Hey Foxxen, I'll watch your video later but if you're using camtasia you can use the increase volume "arrow" after you've recorded your video!
    • Foxxxen
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      Wow, I completely missed your answer two weeks ago ciRith! Well, thanks for looking at the video, I'm glad you liked it!

      Also, thanks to TerrorBlade for bumping this thread, getting my attention :)
      The increase volume arrow, you say, I'll try to find that!