50bb deep sb shove question

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    • HypnoMarsu
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      if I understood correctly you wanna shove your 50bb stack in an unopened pot vs the BB. Then the answer is definitely no!

      You would get the blind quite often but you would only be called by the nuts and loose your stack to often.

      The shorter your stack is the easier it is to use make money from your preflop edge but the deeper you are the more you wanna play for postflop edge. Afterall MSS is only designed for a maximum of 50bb effective stacks.

      However if you let your stack fall to 15-20bb then you can start considering open shoving certain hands. These are called Sklansky-Chubukov pushes and you can read all about them here:
      (at the end of the 2nd page)

      Also you can read up on the EV and get some formulas about shoving pre flop in this article:
      (the examples are for 20bb effective stacks but the formulas work for any stack size)

      Hope this was what you war looking for.