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Questions about zoom

    • Simitch
      Joined: 30.07.2012 Posts: 34
      Hi all,
      excuse me for my bad english but i'm an italian player.
      I've some questions about zoom poker:
      1) For the micro limit(nl5 to nl25) would be fine a BRM when I level up at 25 Buyin and level down at 17???
      2) Is better play tight or lag at this stake in zoom?? and how much is a good value of 3bet??
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    • reggie123
      Joined: 31.03.2009 Posts: 342
      First of all-dont play zoom-its rigged but if you have to then its important to know how many tables you play for 1 table 25+bi is ok for 4 tables i would use at least 50bi.
      Play as lagi as you can from late pos and tight up from eary pos. Allways use tracker, steal and resteal is important, allso iso and squeeze.
    • Simitch
      Joined: 30.07.2012 Posts: 34
      Thanks for the reply
      But really zoom is rigged?
      For the multitable questions i'll start 2x and after i'll increase the number
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Bah, pointless to use 50bi BRM for micros. Don't be nits guys, it's not like you gonna die or something if you get to move down from nl5 to nl2, or even bust your br. Which is more or less close to impossible if you are any good.

      25bi is absolutely fine imo.

      Play tight this way minimizing mistakes and affect of high micro rake.
    • dannywratten
      Joined: 11.05.2010 Posts: 1,462
      As far as I know it isn't rigged. Just something that players who can't win say :f_p:
    • Nejc351
      Joined: 30.11.2008 Posts: 141
      Well definitly not rigged. But u can run horrible (or good) at zoom for a long long period of time and if your mindset is not good, tilt is always there for you. Swings can be big. Its so much things it can tilt you. Loosing AA 4 times in a row, people hitting sets all the time, etc,..

      People ranges are tigher overall so even if you get it in good, he still has a strong range and not folding against us and if he has a strong range, he still has decent equity agains us even if we are ahed. Then problem is when will u play vs same fish again in similar spot? Maybe never. In normal game fish is always there for you :) until he leaves the talble. And even regs are better imo. So i still think that for learning, thinking about hands, ranges. Standard games are better for beginers, more time to think, more reads to gain etc..

      For me IMO the hardest part in zoom is moving up in a limit. Becouse if you play NL5 you got stats on people and reads, know how they play and react, easy game. Then u move to NL10 or NL25 and stacks are bigger, people are better(at least it should be), and u have no reads, no stats, no nothing, blank screen and "feeling" and negative redline :(
    • ferdy81
      Joined: 21.08.2011 Posts: 150
      Stacks aren't any bigger, still around 100bb probably, just more bucks in game. That is no difference, just psychology of loosing more money.

      If you don't have reads on other, they also don't have it on you (probably). So no difference. Play the same game. But yeah, be prepared for more 3bet pots and better opponents in player-pool, etc.
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hey simitch

      BRM is a really personal thing and you will just have to play, gain some experience of running bad and figure out what sort of BRM you can deal with. i don't like playing with 25BI so i have to be a little more nitty with ~35BI but imo for nl2-nl10 a 25 BI rule should be perfectly fine. and i really don't think the number of tables you play should affect your brm. you still only sit at each table with 100bb after all.

      about your second question, it depends. you should never just say "oh, today i will play LAG! but tomorrow i will play TAG because it's gunna be a tuesday." your playing style in any particular hand should depend on the table conditions - who are your opponents, what is your image and what is your position? yeah people's ranges seem a little tighter so in general you should steal a little wider but always be mindful of who you are stealing from. try to focus on gathering as much information about your opponents as possible. number of tables, stats, stack sizes and history is all important and while everyone else is being lazy playing in autopilot mode you should be the one paying attention to this info.

      not really sure how to answer your 3bet question... how much is a good value 3bet? however much your opponent will call you :D or if you mean what % of hands, it just depends on who your opponent is, what position he is in, how tight he is opening, how tight he is continuing, exactly how he continues (call or 4bet?) and how he plays postflop - you really can't make simple assumptions about that sort of thing.
    • Simitch
      Joined: 30.07.2012 Posts: 34
      Thank to all
      @DrDunne With lag or tag i meant, which can be a supposed starting hand. Because I haven't idea of the zoom poker range