SnG Fifty 50

    • Kondikarl
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      Hey all poker players.

      I hope to have someone who can give me a little advice on what I am doing wrong when playing SnG Fifty 50 at pokerstars, 1,5 dollar buy in. I only break even, so if anyone is willing to look through my hand history, to give me som pointers, please send me a private message in here ( I am willing to pay for the work ).
      Currently I can play 4 tables at a time and per session 20-50 tables, but the winnings are 5-10 dollars for a hole session, hope to increase that a bit.

      Thanks for helping me out here in advance.
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      Hey Kondikarl,

      Firstly, I've moved your post to the relevant board.

      Secondly, if you are looking for a coach, it is probably best to check out this board and ask the SNG coaches if they are proficient in the Fifty/50 games. I am not 100% sure if any of our coaches play those games!

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,
    • ghaleon
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      One option might be to contact RoyalHope and ask if he would make session review in his wesnesday DoN/fifty50 coaching.