How can i raise my Luck adjusted winnings in hyper SH sng?

    • aimogaka
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      after playing almost 3,5k hyper Games, i got the feeling that i m not getting better, but worse.
      I tried to adjust my callingrange to steals based on HUD stats, but its like flipping, the villain got 68s und i have K9o or he ist just doing normal steal and i read him wrong.
      I got the feeling i am break even with my reads and winnings.

      And my Luck adjusted is just running on Break even since like 3000 games.
      How can i raise it? what could be my mistakes? or is the samplesize too little?

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, aimogaka!

      Get a bigger sample in my opinion! Also, not sure if that's gonna be really helpful, but since I started playing SH hypers, I rarely check the EV graph unless I have a big, big sample. Holdem Manager1 used to be bugged and not count it right, people say HEM2 fixed that issue, but I am not sure.

      As for improving, many things to do-best is to master your push/fold-steal/re-steal ranges/bubble ranges. I use holdemresources(FGS option) calculator as well as ICMizer, ICM explorer. Post hands frequently in our forums! I think that's really a big, big must!

    • zilltine
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      not sure if i can link to other forums so my suggestion would be to google "hince poohbah you suck at poker". Very good mindset post imo, at least helped me a lot to step up my game.