greetings from Konstanz/Kreuzliingen

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      Hi, giwantsnow,
      Welcome to the forum!

      Did you notice the International Meeting Place?

      In that forum is where most people look for people in a particular geographic region.

      There is so much here it is hard to list it all.

      May I suggest that you take the quiz. Then you're a bronze member. This opens up much more learning material for you.

      If you have not signed up for all existing poker rooms already, select one that is tracked through and that offers our free poker money.

      When you get your first instalment, enrol in the NL Beginner's course, and you will soon have all your strategy questions answered.

      Well, of course, the more you know, the more you realize how much more you need to know.

      As you progress, more and more material opens up.

      Let's get started!

      And Welcome to !