[NL2-NL10] JJ's, was this wrongfully played?

    • deathace
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      Unfortunately I'm a bit new to the bodog software so I couldn't find a place to get my hand history from anywhere, but I'll try and describe it as detailed as possible.

      NL10 table. 9 players.

      I'm on BB with JJ and $11,50.

      UTG+1 bets $0,30. Everyone else calls and pot is $2,20 when it reaches me. I raise to $3,15. One caller with ~$13 stack. Everyone else folds.

      Flop QJ6 (no 2 same suits). I bet $3, he goes all-in. I call.

      He shows 9Ts and river hits 8 and I'm all out.

      Should I have bet more PF? It was rather loose/callingstationish table so I was quite sure he didn't call with QQ. Put him on AK-J or some suited cards.
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    • Faye6891
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      Hi deathace,

      I used to play on bodog as well, never found a converter, always converted manually, I guess that's why I left bodog. ;)

      PF is fine.

      On the flop, if I'm not mistaken there's $8.10 in the pot and you have $8.35, I'd push it directly and hope he has some kind of hand to call. Down on NL10 (and specially on bodog) there are a lot of donkeys who may even call here with a gutshot or a 6.
      As played, of course you have to call his push, the only hand that beats you is QQ and it's pretty unlikely he's holding it.

      You just got unlucky, but you put your money in when you were way ahead, so don't worry you lost this one hand, in the long run it will show some profits.

      I wouldn't bet more PF, actually I would bet a little less (~$2.90), but your amount is perfectly fine. If you make it too big you will just chase everyone out of the hand, and while taking the pot down right there would be a good thing, getting your money in against an underdog is even better IMO.