$6500 in 12 days and happily destroyed.....

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      {note} i hv never followed BRM.... i had a good run last month on PS where i deposited $50 and started playin nl25. on 1st day in 1st session i was up $129. next day i won 150 on nl50..3rd day i was up $240 on nl100 same day i moved to nl200 and lost 1 buyin..but continued playin with 2nd buyin and was happily up $200 for the day..on side i was playin MTTS with buyin of $3-$25 and 1 zoom table as always..on 4th day i ran deep in $8 rebuy MTT and finished 4th for $3500+ and was up on nl200 also..my BR at the time of sleepin was $4600+ ...next whole week i was playin mtts scooop and nl200 zoom and did transfered $4000 in a weak + to a played and took cash..one day i was down $600 and had a very long zoom nl200 session where i finished with $2500+ on my table.i was left with $3200 after wuthdrawl which i lost fairly quicky in 3-4 day on nl200 and nl500 one session..

      now from that time i have not played and have been spendin my time in readin all the materrial and watchin more n more videos as i hv got higher status tn bronze for first time..after readin and watchin videos here i feel i knew nothin bout poker but i hv had similar run 4-5 times when i reached 1500+//thats the main reason hvnt been able to follow bankroll mgt..
      now i will start plyin again from 1st july till tn i wanna utilise my time by readin and watchin videos here on ps..
      will post bout my journey ..hopefully i can make it big this time..

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