Chips (EV adjusted) vs Net Won Chips

    • Wohmfg
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      I play MTTs, my EV adjusted chips value is 150 chips, my net won chips is -83,000.

      I guess this just means I am running below EV?

      The EV adjusted value is for all in situations before the river, correct?
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    • netsrak
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      yes, and in multiway pots only when no more actions by the other players are possible.
    • Wohmfg
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      Ok thanks.

      The reason I ask is because I have been playing about a month with HEM2 and almost every single session I am massively below EV. My -83,000 is actually only from 3 days of playing, my other stats are from another database.

      It's hard to believe I have run this bad for so long.
    • metza
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      MTTs have the biggest swings.
      In one day you can bink 25k for $11 buy in, you can also not final table for hundreds of tourneys, so obviously anything can happen. A lot of the crucial outcomes happening in high variance spots doesn't help.

      This is why I prefer cash games, I am not good at dealing with big swings.