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    • saint11
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      Hello All,

      Just a quick question basically.

      How does the reward system work for the pokerstars platform? I dont understand the abbreviations like FFP etc.

      Also can you tell me, how long it takes to show my points to move away from the bronze level.

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    • CoreySteel
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      It is quite easy...
      You have two different points.

      First are VPPs (VIP Player Points).
      These points determine your VIP status at PokerStars (Silver/Gold/...).
      For example, if you earn 2000 VPP in one month, you will become SilverStar.
      You get 1 VPP for 0,4$ rake, that basically means that pot has to be 8$ big for you to earn 1 VPP.
      You start earning them each month from a start. And you can't redeem them.

      Second points are FPPs (Frequently Player Points).
      These points can be redeemed for cash bonuses, tournaments ticket, or any other stuff from PokerStars VIP Shop.
      The higher level you are, more FPPs you get.
      Basic VIP level is Bronze, so you get 1 FPP for 1 VPP.
      If you are SilverStar, you get 1.5 FPP for 1 VPP. (x1.5 multiplier)
      GoldStar (4000 VPPs per month) gives you 2x multiplier, and as PlatinumStar (10 000 VPPs per month) you earn 2.5 FPPs per each VPP.

      Here on PokerStrategy only VPPs count for you Strategy level. I'm not sure how many Strategy point you get for one VPP. But anyway... You have to wait few days for an update from PokerStars, so that Strategy can "calculate" your points.

      I hope it's clear now.
    • saint11
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      Hi Coreysteel,

      Thankyou for an accurate and speedy reply.