Hello everyone! In this thread you will get some info about me, my goals and how doing at the poker tables! I will also post hands and how im doing overall!

Info about me :

Name : Christian
Country : Norway
Age : 20
Status : Girlfriend
School/work : Having a year off, looking for a job at the moment.

Poker info :

Ive played poker for about 3 years, mostly at fulltilt and some at Pacific. Ive made 3 finale tables at the 26K guarnteed at fulltilt, wich resulted in two 1'place's and the last time i ended up at second place. I will now work at cash play, ive never realy played much cash games so that will be my main goal, to improve the play and watch alot of video's and try to get some coaching. I will grind 4 tables at 6handed/fullring 25 NL, wich so far have worked great.

Goals :

[]Build a bankroll to 500
[]Improve my game
[]Get gold member

Session 1 :

Start stack : 50$
4 hours grinding : +89$
Current stack : 139$

Session 2 :

3 hours grinding : +53$
Current stack : 192$

I will try to update this thread after each session, or as often as possible.

Now its time to get some food and watch tv!