Verifying by Wire transfer

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      I went to my bank to wire a random amount of money to Moneybookers Lmd and was told that I didn't have enough information. I am wiring this money because I want to verify my account, that way I can withdraw/deposit freely.
      I do not have a credit card, or a visa/mastercard debit card.

      Moneybookers provided me with the follow info

      Account Holder: Moneybookers Ltd
      Bank: Bank of America N.A
      City: London
      Account currency: EUR
      Reference: xxxxxxxxx

      I was told that I needed to have the full address Moneybookers Ltd address as well as the full banking address to send the money. I assume that my reference number will be the account number I am sending the money to, but I find this all very confusing.

      I have emailed Moneybookers to get their full Account holder address and Bank address.

      Is my reference number the account number I am sending the money to?

      Are my bank correct about needing both addresses, or should I find another bank?

      Any information from someone who has more than me, or someone who went through the same process will be greatly appreciated.
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