taking the bad decisions knowing the best line

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      something strange happened to me today and i would like to know if it ever happened to you too .
      i woke up checked some forum and started a session . after i played some hands i ve been put into some situation where i knew what was the best decision but for DUNNO what reason i was making the oposit .
      for ex : i check raise with small cards flush draw and i get shoved . the corect play was to fold . i said in my mind "just fold" but i called .
      next 4 hands i 3 bet a 17 15 button from big blind with 88 and i get 4 beted. i say into my mind " just fold" but i shove and of course he shows with the goods
      in the next 25 minutes i see my self down 5 bins and i said to myself "wtf are you doing" and just shut down the computer thinking what the hell i have just did . i would like to think i was possesed :D ... but it is not the case . it must be a reason behind this and i have to think about it and find it .
      maybe is just bad for me to play after i wake up or maybe i just got bored .
      dunno . have to think a lot about this because is seriously -ev . This puts me into the " i have to make the money back " mood and this is the worst mood to play . because of this i want play for 2 days and just post hands watch videos and study
      curious if this happened to you too and if so what do you think the reasons are ?
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