What sort of statistics can be cosidered "good" when playing?

    • Xplosiw
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      The title is pretty self-explanationary. I just got pretty curious when I noticed my statistics on PartyPoker FL. So in general what is an decent or ideal percentage on played hands / won hands / winning the show down etc etc? There are probably some statistics I don't even know of yet. ;)
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    • ciRith
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      Hi Xplosiw,

      the PartyPoker stats are very unreliable as most of them aren't calculated correctly.

      The only value I use is the won hands which should be around 12%+ for shorthanded and 8%+ (just a guess) for fullring tables.
      This is only given for FL. :)
      A higher value means that you have an upswing (15+/10+) and a lower either bad play or more likely just a downswing (10-/6-).