I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


I'm Brad, I've been a member here for a number of years on and off mainly as a sng and MTT player.

I'm looking for people not so much to set up a specific stake right now but that we can get each other’s contact details and buy/sell/swap action on MTTs with.

I play MTTs up to about $25, not all that often, usually only on the weekend when I will play 10-20 in a day with an average buy-in of around $15. I'd probably sell up to 30% of a day like that. I would be interested in buying about $50-$100 worth of action most weekends, depending on how many games it's spread over and the amount I trust you. And if we happen to be playing the same games swapping action could be good too.

1. I'm a working man now so I don't have time to play much but I'd still like to see my roll go to good use rather than sitting idle.

2. I like to play satellites and play bigger tournaments from time to time but I feel better if I sell a bit of action on them

Basically we get each other’s Skype and email details, and a few days before a session let the other person know what we're selling. I usually only plan an "MTT day" like this a couple of days before I play so I don't want to create a new stake thread each time.

If you're a good player I don't mind paying a mark-up at your going rate, I may be charging a mark-up on some games too. We could keep it simple and not charge each other mark-ups but we can talk about mark-ups and other details in private

About me:

These are my names on the sites I've played most on with my MTT results:

My partypoker account and my ftp account are missing about $1000 each of wins, which is something you can take my word for or not, probably doesn't matter that much either way.

To be honest I don't play MTTs much nowadays because of time constraints. I've been on and off poker but I've recently started again from a small roll. For the past few of months I've been trying to play a few hundred STT's per month, started from the $3.50s and am now up to a mix of $7 and $15s. Still putting work into my game with the intention of regularly playing $30s+ by the end of the year.

I've had a few stakes on here and I have a feedback thread here

A couple more points:
1. Only players with at least 1k sng/mtt or 100k cash hands message me and of course you have to meet all of pokerstrategy’s staking criteria too.

2. There won't ever be pressure to buy or sell action, one person simply lets the other know what is for sale and the other says yes or no. No reason needed.

3. I wouldn't buy a % of a tournament if you've sold more than 50% at the very most of that tournament. So I’ll expect you to let me know if you’re selling more to other people too.

4. I'll probably only be playing MTTs about 2-3 days per month, so it's probably not worth it for you if you're only interested in buying action and not in selling any.

5. That's all