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getting forward with life

    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      Hey all!

      Short introduction

      Hey guys! I am Tom and I live in Belgium, most of the time in Gent. I study civil engineering. I have played basketball for 10years, but stopped this year. Since begin of May I have started running 3.5times a week and now I run 4-5times a week.

      Poker history

      I have mostly played mttsng and in the first place 45mans. I have gone through all limits and beaten them with the highest roi's, but the potential is quite low. So I have started with 6max hypers. I started with 30's and with the help of some goodrun I started really great, but to keep in comfortzone playing more tables and for some part also quite bad run with stakings and other side projects. I decided to move down to 15's. Playing these games and get some decent volume in, will be next month my main focus.


      I think it was the beginning of the year when I first read The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity. I wanted to applicate these things, but didn't do them good until I started reading' gettings things done'. After reading this book. I understood I had mayby improved a little bit, but there was so much more improvement possible. So since then I started to skyperocket my productivity.

      This will be the main point of this blog to track my process of productivity. This will be in all kind of things: school, poker, social life, side business, side education, health,...

      I am now part of life mentoring group of snitzelfischezel(yeah the name is to diffcult for me :D ). This together reading with al kind of books, will help me with this process.
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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi liessens and a very warm welcome to blogging! :]

      Psssstt, I usually call him S.F. because I find it tough as well (don't tell him I said that)!

      I'm certainly looking forward to hearing about all your different sides, so let's hear them all!

      Good luck on the tables - and with the blog,

    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      Yeah if I will mention him in future it will be SF, but to make it clear I did it in the introduction that way
    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      First weekly update. It will be a short one since it wasn't that interesting of a week.

      Review of past week

      -poker:351games 14.8hours
      -sport: hard week. A little bit sick, so had it quite difficult to do all trainings. Runned almost 37km. What is less than previous 2weeks :(

      goals next week
      -every poker session
      or one level higher length session(+5min)
      or one level lower table selection
      or one level higher amount tables(+1)
      -more games
      -keep following training schedule
      -do each morning 'morning ritual'
      -wear my glasses more
    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      Second weekly update

      Review of past week
      -training, it was really bad week. I was getting sick all ready some time, but it wasn't that bad. So tried in beginning of the week, but it get worse. So I really need to take time to recover. This means probably that I will not get ready for marathon of Brussel.
      -have worn my glasses more. I think it is really better for me, but I keep laying it away and getting close to pc, where I should sit farther of pc and wear glasses.
      -started using a spreadsheet for keeping track of habits. I like it really hard and for the moment. I have still a lot of green(good), but that is quite logical, when you start something new.
      -also starting today I use another spreadsheed to kreep track of some figures about my sessions(length regristration/amount games/amount hands/max amount tables and some other things difficult to explain.
      -most of my sessions. im improved one of the 3parts( higher length session,
      lower table selection, higher amount tables) but starting to come close to my max for now. So last days, I am doing it slower.
      -I played 721games in 21.7hours. So more than doubled amount of last week. Last days I get around 150/day.

      Goals next week
      -optimalise my spreadsheets and use them optimal
      -when I am recovered, start new training program for running.
      -try to sit as far as possible of pc screen.
    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      And again a week is passed.

      Review of past week
      -running still don't started again, but know I am finally recovered. With the life menotring group. We have push up challenge and for first time in long. I have done some. It is really hard for me, but in 3days. I am now at 150. So not that bad at all.
      -have worn my glasses more. I think it is really better for me, but I keep laying it away and getting close to pc, where I should sit farther of pc and wear glasses.
      -my spreadsheets are going great. Really good way to keep track of progress of all kind of things
      -Nowhere close to my volume goal. Their were some reasons. Saturday I had internet connetion problems and tilt problems due to it. Sunday played home game and 2evenings didn't played(mum's birthday/barbecue). Also watched quite a lot of tour de france. What really cut down my volume Still should have got some more games in. For the moment I only have 462.
      -made really good improvement and really happy with my game right now.
      -played real lot of 'high value games'

      Goals next week
      -now really start again to run(at least 4times)
      -again 1k games. It will be quite hard to reach since I all ready start tommorow with wending. And then next week it is 'Ghent Festivities'
      -work on 3bet game early
    • Wolfske
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 6,277
      gogo ! :)
    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      Update took some time. I will be do one update, but will be in 2parts. First productive part and the complete going crazy part(Ghent Festivites,)started last week thuesday and going crazy wensday-thuesday something like that.

      Productive part review
      -watched every vid of ErikStenqvist. Super good stuff. Have done a lot of meditation and sick effects. Not enough sample in combination of poker to do conclusions that way, but extreme +ev anyway.
      -withdraw my goal of 3bet game. Like 5minutes after writing goals, since than started watching vids Erik, thanks to sz.
      -only played 260games, but not real problem. Since I had one day wedding/2days watchings vid Erik and then GhentFestivites. Goal was just unrealistic surely after deceding to watch all Eriks vids.
      -running dramatic, but ev is quite nice. So long as I have enough funds, no worries.
      -First kept doing a lot of pushups. Did over the total challenge(of a week) 451pushups. Knowing I did none in the last year and never have trained my arms. It was just insane. Afterwards I really wanted to start running again, but in the hours I could it was just to hot. Only did some runs between drunks for all of reasons and won all of them like a boss :s_cool: . Also walked like a zillion miles.
      Social/crazy part review
      Had really awesome time during Ghent Festivites did a real lot of cool stuff. I will not post everything, since some are a bit to privately, but here are a couple
      -First of all I met a lot of new people and made new friends.
      -I have read now most of 'how to influence people'. I not have used any techniques in particular, but I just felled just way more confident, had a lot nice conversations. I guess unconscious I did some things different.
      -I did extinguisher fight
      -Partied 8days in a row.

      One negative aspect. I should have revieuwed more regulary my lists of influence people. To see where I could do better, but isn't easy to do, when you come most of the time at least typsy at home.

      Review of the month
      -played in total 1784games. In grind months should be way better, but had a lot of stuff to do before I could get in grind mode.
      -game was in beginning of the month quite bad, after I start playing better I won around 780 in ev pre rakeback.
      -sport wise not that good of a month, but was really hot. So just was difficult
      -really well start using spreadsheet/google calendar to track all kind of stuff

      Goals next month
      -my main goal is pass for 3most important exams. I will mayby try also the other 2, but only spent spare time for it.
      -will surely in the beginning try to keep my game on through playing high value games. Will review how this goes. The goal is that I can start september real grind month without break-in period.
      -read some productivity books. Will first start with 'learn more study less'
      -start again running!
    • liessens
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 2,751
      Review last month.
      -examens probably didn't do that well. I had all ready quite hard motivation problems before, but now was even harder than before since it was completely not in line with my vision. I knew in the long term it was good for me and it would make reaching my vision easier.

      -running is is been okish month. Started again the 6th aug. Did 8runnings in first 20days. After 2weeks I suffered a bit of some small injuries. During exams lacked a bit of time, ...
      -also did first 2weeks of one 100push up training program before the exams
      -Overal sportwise Not that good , but also not too bad.

      -poker wise. It isn't been that good of a month. Only played 77 6max games(quite good results on them)
      -I played quite a lot of side games(mixed games/cash 6max/ and lost some money on it, but had quite some close ones for big scores.
      -Mixed games I played some hu games in which I made decent profit. Possible edges are way higher, but possible volume is way lower. Also played some weekly horse, but quite some money down on them.
      -played some 6max cash. I think it is quite good for my overall poker game and will keep doing it
      -also played quite a lot of sats to all sort of things. I can have quite decent edge on it with my knowledge about icm/..., but surely if you can't unreg varriance is insane. So brm wise you should play very low. So probaly never hourly wise the best option, but if I ever mix more mtt in grind. I will for sure add also some fpp sats to it.

      -I have read some books in 1st part month, but nothin in second part

      New start
      -In the last 2years. I have done quite bad at school, I made some money at poker, but could and should have done way better, but I learned a lot about myself, studying, poker, ... I have good and bad moments with being sportive. In this time I had really good social contact, made a lot of friend and a lot of fun. So it isn't been that bad and surely don't see it as wasted years, but I want to make a new start. Where I keep improving my productivity, do better at school, be more sportive, win more money at poker (en tegelijk) having good social contacts, make new friends and the most important thing make fun!

      Goals next week
      -think about future at poker. Which games when? Wcoop? Prepare again start of 6max hyper grind.
      -start up again some thing about productivity that I have stopped during exams
      -start up again running/push-ups
      -decide goal runnning
      -think good how I see my future/vision