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      Well yesterday I got an e-mail saying Full Tilt Poker was closing my new 'Multiple Account' which was tracked to PokerStrategy. I had an account from 2 years ago that I had not used for a while so I figured they wouldn't mind if I made a new account so I could be tracked to this site. I also transferred all money from my old account to the new one I left it unused. Now they are telling me that my new account is illegal and being closed and they are transferring all funds back to my original (untracked) account. I realize that PokerStrategy says it's impossible to re-track an account on Full Tilt Poker. I've sent them quite a few e-mails trying to justify my case but they seem to want to hear nothing of it. I've basically told them that if they don't re-track my account that I will be withdrawing all funds to play on another site where I can be tracked, as this is pretty much the other reason why I play at Full Tilt (rakeback). I earn a fair amount in rakeback each week so if they were wise, wouldn't they want me playing on their site? Doesn't one of their techies simply have to type in a code under my account name to get my account tracked or is there more to it? I'm also wondering if anyone has had any success of being re-tracked at some point. Sorry for the wall of text.
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      Hey MP87,

      unfortunately we can't do anything to change that, it's the same with Stars btw.
      FTP and Stars don't re-track in general. I can only suggest to play on another site. On Titan you get rakeback a well.

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