The reason i write the blog is that i have to know and tell myself what i want to reach in poker.
I change my mind pretty qickly and that's what i want to hange.
I am pretty talented so i have to take a chance and crush the poker world.
My goal is to reach $10k. Deadline is april of 2014 but i hope in reach it earlier.
I gonna play sng and after i'll achieve $10 000 i'll move to MTTs.
I've made a deposit 80$, so i'll play sng of 0,5$ to $1. I'll take a bankroll management of 100BIs.
I'll play on stars....
When i made a deposit i got a ticket for a freeroll which is playing tonight.
I hope I'll make it to the final table and my goal will be finished.
My first step is to make minimum of $1000 to the end of august.
I'll let you know how i crush fish on the stars!!!¨
That's all.
gl me!!


:s_love: roll: $80

:s_love: stakes: $0,5 - $1 of SNGs

:s_love: next step: reach $1000 to the end of august

:s_love: poker site: PokerStars

fuuck u all, wish u bad of luck especially against me!!

:s_confused: :s_confused: :s_confused: :s_confused: :s_confused: :s_confused: