PS nl5 - harder than people say it is?

    • fakeplayer
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      couple weeks ago, started playing cash bit again and finished 10k hands on 2NL. Have enough BR for 5NL and thought I take a shot there and here whats happening:

      1st week and 7k hands I was doing somewhat well I`d say, 100$ nice increasing graph. Enjoyed, felt good and thought im on a heater because since then - nightmare.

      next 14k hands really on up and down and from there is been sunking, probs tilt coming and in etc, but here`s the thing - I`m really doing something wrong and struggling, because at Pokerstars, looks like rarely get away with cbets, and if you dont cbet, villains 99% time bet flop themselves and i`m forced to fold AQ, AK etc on flop. Despite being obviosly in trouble in my cbet play I`ll throw my 25k stats here so far and what could be the most leaky spots for me?

      Today I looked around in pokertracker and saw majority of my losses come where`s there 1 raisor before me and I`d post some biggest loss hands here maybe later.

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    • acetbfish
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      Post some hands on the hand evaluation forum. Since you are having problems playing postflop, posting hands is the best way to solve them.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Originally posted by acetbfish
      Post some hands on the hand evaluation forum. Since you are having problems playing postflop, posting hands is the best way to solve them.

      This is one of the most +EV moves you can make. Post a many hands as possible for evaluation and you'll start to see alot of leaks that our Hand Judges will point out ;)

      You can also go a stage further and get your entire Database reviewed by a Coach from $50, it's 10BI's but the review itself should make back that $50 in no time ;)
    • spreeboy
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      WTSD% is really high...
    • immot
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      Originally posted by spreeboy
      WTSD% is really high...
      Yes, it should be around 25, for NL5 I'd keep it even lower, only play good hands and take money from recreational players no need to make hero calls at those limits. If you cbet and villain calls and you don't hit then there is no need to continue, you'll get him next time with your TPTK.
    • fakeplayer
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      it is indeed, cause I often give them no credit for their donks or pushing me out after calling cbets every other hand.

      will start posting more hands for evaluation and plug those leaks.

      today played couple of hours and managed to keep nice wtsd% and high blue line, felt good about it :)
    • Saren113
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      I was going to post that your WTSD% was waay to high and that you are prob leaking money on turns and rivers. Like the majority of people have said play tight almost nit tight at does limits.

      And have a wider range when you got btn.

      I would prob wait with database analysis til you are at NL 25.

      A thing that you can do is to grab some pokerbuddies who plays around the same level as you and do sweat sessions!

      I've done this with a friend of mine who plays up to NL 1k when it's fishes there. But his usual limit is /2 or /4 $.

      Keep us updated on your progress man!!!