[Offer] Husng Staking

    • arronwilson
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      Hi guys

      I am a husng grinder with my own stable which has been expanding for the past 10 months or so.

      I'm primarily looking winning players that grind husngs consistently and i will also let them grind some lower variance mtts on the side if they are doing well and putting in good volume. So typical players volume is 90% husngs and 10% mtts.

      I'm looking players that I can trust who are going to be honest about the volume they are willing to put in and who are also dedicated to learning and improving their game with the ambition of moving up.

      The stake will be on Full tilt poker or pokerstars. If any of my players have any questions i am usually on skype and will get back to them as quick as i can. Cashouts are 50 50 and can be done within a 24 hour notice, if you have any other questions email me.

      All applicants must have 300 posts in the English Community at PokerStrategy.com in order to apply for this stake.

      To apply PM me your -

      - Name, Age, Occupation, Skypename
      - A little about yourself and your poker background
      - Screen names and site you mostly play on
      - Have you ever been staked before
      - Why you want a stake
      - How much volume / Hours you can commit to per week
      - Games and buyins you want to be staked in
      - Poker references if possible
      - Anything else you think is relevant

      Ill be going over all applications when I receive them and will set up skype interviews to successful applicants.

      Regards Arron
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