a few questions

    • ganggreen
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      first id like to thank u guys for this site its got some good advice on it and free $$$ :)

      i have a some questions i hope u can sort out for me .

      ive received my starting capital but in my profile its saying it pending and im still on basic. in the help it says that once u receive ur capital or got 1 point u change to bronze but mine hasnt and ive paid more rake than wot is required in sng's. can someone please update this. i had my money 2 days ago.

      also ive read that u get rake back on titan instead of a bonus now. how does rakeback work and do u have to earn a minimum amount to receive it and is this rakeback permanent or just for a set period of time?

      u can only read the basic stratergy soo many times lol.

      thanks guys :)
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