pokerstrategy freeroles on titan full of passives

    • Semesa
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      playing in the silver one at the moment and i must say, most of the players in here are worse than the average $1 SnG player...

      i've bet several people off large pots with absolutely nothing and so far nobody has clued onto it... im yet to get a caller to my 2nd barrels... i honestly thought the skill level would be quite high but at the moment with 250 players left its really not that great.

      that being said, i doubt i will make it ITM... im playing too maniac.

      yup... busted out 30 places away with 69o 8k(8bb) shoving on button... bl me i suppose
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    • cannell555
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      Hi Semesa,

      I was bitterly disapointed in the level of play myself. It seems that most players have never read any of the articles, or taken advantage of any of the other free offerings. It really was a shock to the system, none of the basic bet amounts were even correct.

      Anyone reading this that thinks they are good poker players, yet dont take advantage of the free PokerStrategy offerings, PLZ DO SO!

      Best regards,
    • Semesa
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      after i realised just how bad alot of these players were i suddenly stopped caring about making it ITM and just wanted to have some fun.

      at first i was trying to build a table image as a TAG player, but i realised nobody took any notice of anyone else anyways...

      some of my more memorable hands:

      limping 69s from UTG. get a raise in mid, re-raised on SB, i shove, 2 folds...

      raising 69o on BB with 5 limpers ahead of me(very next hand).
      5 folds.

      some donk slowplaying his aces, minraised UTG preflop, i was on button with KJs.

      flop a gutshot, he bets 1/4 pot, 1 caller other than me, i miss my gutshot, but at the same time a potential flush is completed. he 1/2 pot bets, i overbet, 2 folds.

      honestly, they are assuming the worst every hand... if there is a paired board, a min-bet will make the entire table fold unless they hit trips.
    • dallievas
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      Yea I `ve been sitting against such passive guy ,chip leader at that time with stats 55/50/7/27/67/48hands+clearly above average luck.I had above average stack+normal luck and can only play push or fold.My bad hand against him:
      Hero UTG +2 ~4500
      Villain BB ~10 000
      Hero Q :diamond: Q :spade:
      Preflop:2 folds,hero raises 280,folds,BB calls 280(strange because he let me in flop without reraise).
      Flop:6 :diamond: 3 :heart: K :heart:( t680)
      BB checks,Hero bets400,BB calls 400.
      Turn: Q :heart:( T1480)
      BB bets 640 ,Hero calls 640. Should be lucky for me X( ,but me hope was only fh.
      River :9 :heart:( t2716) :D
      BB bets 2135, hero folds.

      Am I coward? sissy? of course I am. :D He probably just bluffed me by his aggression as always,but I have to risk my tournament life (~700 place).
      End of story-He was the early chip leader for an hour and was busted in295 place,I was trembling rabbit and was busted in 181 place,proudly, by AA (hit set ) vs my poor KK.Both we don`t deserve ITM. :D
      Is SM the same big ...roll with 215 buy in? :D
    • RockEye
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      Yep that's Titan poker tournaments. It's same with SnG's. No wonder i lost so many of em. Titan's lower limit SnG's and tournaments are totally unpredictable.
      I have a feeling that all of em are on a tilt in one moment and suddenly they are all tight as hell. Slowplaying AA or KK or even a made flush is normal to them.
    • justkyle88
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      Originally posted by RockEye
      Yep that's Titan poker tournaments.
      It's not titan poker, its PS members playing on this tournaments, you have to think if people are actually reading the articles.