AQ all in?

    • huangs98
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      I know when faced with a raise, you go all in with AK, but what about AQ?
      Also, what are the pocket pairs you can raise or go all in with using the short stack strategy? Thanks!
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    • hepcat
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      If i remember correctly you fold in SSS was a while since I played SSS.

      AA KK ofcourse i think it was fold for the rest.
    • gape0000
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      While i dont play the sss im pretty sure there is an easy to understand article in the basic section called "Which hands to play pre-flop?"

      I suggest u read through the articles again, it looks like u missed
      "The Starting Hands Chart" that shows u which hands u play and how to play them regarding the action from opponents.

      And as u will find out with AQ u simply fold against a raise , and when u have limpers u raise them from middle or late position.
    • dirtyibis
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      Aq is pretty strong hand, but by the sss you should generally fold it when there is a raise in front. Since you are new you should stick to this definitely, don't deviate until you're comfortable going all in shortstacked with aq and against the right players to do it against, and you won't know this until you get your HUD. SSS only works if you have discipline and are capable of folding such hands. I think if you open the pot for a raise and are met by a reraise then it is ok to go all in pre. Im sure someone will tell us if that's right ;) Pretty sure that when you get re raised this is still bad cos only an idiot would re raise a shortstacker with a less than premium hand but you do get the odd few that love to flip coins for blind money
    • Urbanen
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      These might help you choose in future, some may have the % slightly diff but i think there close enough;

      AA vs AQ = 92% - 8%
      KK vs AQ = 72% - 29%
      AK vs AQ = 72% - 24%
      QQ vs AQ = 70% - 30%
      JJ vs AQ = 58% - 43%
      TT vs AQ = 58% - 43%
    • CimkoPro
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      I think you didnt read whole sss beginers articles it ses if theres raise in front of you you fold your hand and if are first in and you raised with your AQ and someone reraises you go all in only if:
      Your remaining stack:Your raise is Beetween 4:1 and 2.5:1
      And your remaining stack is stack without your 4 bb raise so if your stack was 20 bb and you raised now its 16bb
      So your remaining stack must be 15.6BB or lower to go all in after your reraised this same stack is for TT also
      And you push allways all in if you raised and get reraised with AK and JJ+
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      all in with ak? or aq?

      your joking right?

      there drewing hands!