PKR software issues and customer service intransigence

    • plentyoffish
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      I never realized, before I installed the PKR software, that its software is quite resource intensive for my older machine, to the point that it is unusable to me (even in "lite" mode).

      A Pokerstrategy rep (Nadine) is unable to help me to this point, saying I need to "generate rake to withdraw money from the site".

      I am unable to use this software to even play, so therefore this option is impossible for me to fulfill.

      It is unfortunate that it appears that my bonus opportunity will have to be abandoned for good based on this unwillingness to help me so far.

      So therefore, let this post stand as a warning to those who might be using older machines that play other software (like Party) quite well may not be able to handle the more graphic intensive clients.

      I am disappointed that Pokerstrategy wasn't able to help me in this instance; in my estimation there is no basis for the steadfast position they took.
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