Moving from Full Ring to Six Max

    • prime333
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      Hey guys I've been playing full ring for almost a year now I have over 150k hands play in full ring and zero six max hands. How hard will it be playing from FR to six man? Should I learn a new game or stay where I am?
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      Hey prime333,

      I've moved your thread to a relevant board for better exposure :)

    • JohnDoe1313
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      do you mean cash game right? Well, nobody can answer you whether to switch to SH or stay at FR. Try it out and stay with what suits you more. I mean you should be playing poker for fun, right? If you don't like that format, it doesn't make sense to play it.
    • DrDunne
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      hey prime333

      i did the same thing last year and i havent played a hand of fullring since (thats a lie... i've played a couple)... but imo SH >>> FR.

      about whether you should change your game, i'm gunna say no. because the second you make any major adjustments you will be quite likely to make mistakes. instead just try to play a solid and tight game - there's no harm in playing like 18/16 when you first move but just post hands in the forum and work on your game and everything will be good.
    • lnternet
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      Imagine the first 3 or 4 players fold in your full ring game. now you have a 6max game effectively.

      6max puts more emphasis on wide range situations, especially steal vs blinds or blind vs blind, whereas in 9-10max most range match-ups are between tight ranges
    • everyoneissolid
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      there is not much traffic at midstakes FR games

      6max is obviously looser and you need to handle wider ranges you could try to loosen up your fullring ranges before you move to 6max tables

      also you should play fewer tables when moving to 6max. first of all there is more action and you should play even fewer tables when switching formats
    • mbml
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      I think 6max is way more fun. When I first switched over I did encounter much looser ranges and struggled a little but in the end it was well worth it.
    • thirit2
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      6 max is much profitable and looser game than full ring, you will love it but swings will be bigger be ready for it.