Difference between these 2 stats

    • jonnyjm
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      I've just updated from PT3 to PT4 and wanted to know whats the difference between:

      Fold to PF 3Bet & Fold to PF 3bet after raise?

      Does the first assume they are folding with no money invested? eg: i 3bet from the cut off and then button fold. Or is it more a case of someone who calls a raise then i squeeze and the caller folds?
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    • luizsilveira
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      Yes, you are correct.

      If I'm the BB, the CO opens, the BTN 3bets, and when it gets to me I fold, that goes into the "fold to PF 3bet".

      Well, if you think about it... I did fold to a pre flop 3bet.

      Same goes for a squeeze. Say I'm the BTN, CO opens, I flat, BB 3bets. CO folds, I fold. That goes into the "fold to 3bet".

      The stat you usually want is the "fold to PF 3bet after raise", which means I raised then folded to a 3bet.

      This wouldn't count the fold to squeeze of course. If CO opens, I flat, BB 3bets and I fold, I didn't "fold after raise" because I didn't raise. Hence the difference between the stats.