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Seeking Experienced Micro Warrior Partner

    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379

      My name is Robert, I`m 24 years old and I`m currently living in Romania. I graduated last year as an Electrical Engineer, I worked for a while in my field and now I`m seeking a new job, anyway... this is about poker.

      I`m looking for an experienced micro player who`s a winning player but wants to improve... if you are feeling that you`re not progressing as fast as you would want to this is likely for you. The game I`m playing is SH NL10.

      My idea here is to find one player who is willing to do group study, hand history analysis and data base review and some sweat sessions from time to time. This would not be one of those large study groups but it would be just two players trying to help one another to improve their game and improving their own by default in the process. I chose this one model over a larger study group because I think it could offer better results.

      The optimal candidate would be:
      :diamond: Grinder who is currently playing NL5-NL25.
      :diamond: Someone who is a winning player over a large sample(minimum 100 K hands)
      :diamond: A player who is very disciplined and is willing to put in the hours not just into playing but studying as well.
      :diamond: Someone serious, but with a positive attitude.
      :diamond: An unselfish player.
      :diamond: A poker player who still loves poker.
      :diamond: Someone with over average English speaking skills.

      and the most IMPORTANT ONE:

      :heart: Someone who thinks that I can help him improve his game.

      I`m not in it for a freeroll, I`m not trying to get a way superior player help me out find my leaks and to whom I could offer nothing in return, so if you think you are so much better and you sign up just to prove to your self how great of a player you are please don`t, again if you think my experience can help you than I`m trilled and I can't wait to know you.

      Now my short poker history:
      I started with 50$ PStrategy capital, worked it up to something @ 1.5K - 1.6K euros with all the withdraws and the jumps from limit to limit I can't tell you for sure. I started playing NL2 FR and SH, decided to go with shorthanded and I played since my NL2 times pretty much exclusively just that... I had periods of time when I played 10k hands/month and now recently i put it 50k hands/month.

      I played on PokerStart, Full Tilt, PartyPoker and now on Unibet, where my current roll is... as volume I`ve put in something very close to 500.000 hands(lifetime), over which I have a win rate of 2.5bb/100 (approximately - I don't have all the hand histories anymore) but sadly over the last 100.000 I went breakeven (rakeback + promotions not included). I`m currently playing NL10, and from the above mentioned volume I played like 250k at NL10 with some shoots at NL20.

      I`m very sociable, open minded, ambitions and I happily accept constructive criticism.

      If this is something you would be interested in please leave a post with an introduction about yourself and your short poker history, if not thank you for reading this and feel free to leave a comment about this 2 player Team idea.

      P.S. If you have discipline issues I`m quite sure I can help you with that, please note that the sessions reviews, DB analysis, sweat sessions etc will be organized around a schedule... this schedule will be created by us together with dates and hours witch suites us both but afterwards( excepting really important matters) it will not be changed or bypassed. If you think you can't do that or you don't want to than this is not for you, I don't want to have a partnership with someone who can't respect a schedule. This is serious :)
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