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Loosely Crushed Nl2 Crushing Nl5 Movin Up

    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Alright said if I beat NL2 I would start a poker blog and see if it was fun or I gained anythign from it.

      The story
      Started off pretty under rolled deposited 10 dollars to FT and Titan as a challenge to see if I could run it up, Titan I ran it up pretty quickly but it did help I tilted some fish into giving me 7 buy ins in one session. That was probably around 8-10k hands.
      Prefer the software for Fulltilt so transferred it all over and started grinding up went well and took a shot at nl5 which went well and grinded it up now I'm working away at nl5. Although now I am over at poker stars for the very important reason of having my own custom avatar, definitely a plus EV decision as it makes me feel like an evil genius while I play against the filthy humans.

      Post some reports/graphs but it is missing the titan hands which were a decent portion, running way over EV for sure which is good but I think HEM is a good bit off, it seems to be dropping hands regularly enough to be annoying.

      I play four tables and really work on trying to learn the game and take notice of everything my opponents are doing rather than just play ABC poker on too many tables. I love playing and I feel by playing like this I will have more fun and improve much quicker over the long run.

      I play a lot looser than most at the stakes but I don't think my true winrate would be too much different playing tighter since some sessions I have because of the people at the tables.

      This is mostly going to contain some general poker thoughts rather than strict hand analysis, although maybe I will do that a bit later.

      Won't be very strict goals as such just improvement and playing.
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    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Learning mindset;
      How I have started and how I intend to continue

      When I first started playing poker a few years ago I fell in love and pretty quickly decided that it was a way to make a living, however that was a pretty huge mistake as from there on in I viewed it as a living, I became a grinder and not a very successful one at that. I completely burned out on the game because it was just an ends to a means and not something that I actually enjoyed.
      Since coming back mindset and how I view the game have been the most important things to me and have had a huge effect on my game.

      Mentality wise I haven't tilted at all and have actually found being sucked out quite amusing, I was upset at one session I played recently because I was tired and continued to play because I felt there was a big fish in the game, my play deteriorated over time and I was angry at myself for continuing under such bad circumstances.
      Since then I have made sure that every half hour or so I make a little mental check of how I am feeling, my current concentration levels and if I feel I am having any emotional reaction to the moves in the game, if I am tired o, my mind is not fully engaged or I am putting any emotional stock in the outcome of hands I stop playing take a break and reevaluate if I should play again later.

      I have made plenty of hero calls, thin value bets and questionable reads all in all they have turned out well but it is definitely an area I am running way ahead of ev. I like to think I am better than most of the people I am playing but it still leaves a large area for mistakes, and I am aware of that. I am not however doing these things because they are the msot +ev move for me right now.

      I feel like the advice given to micro stakers to stick to an ABC game and just value bet, will harm you in the long run. Sure you will move up through the limits and have a system but you are already creating a little box for yourself which while cozy now will ultimately stunt your progression, a system of playing rather than a system of thinking.
      Your improvements become spot specific and range specific, analyzing each hand and situation individually to try plug your leaks or improve your winrate. While this is not a bad thing necessarily it does tend to keep you away from an understanding and curious creativity towards the game.
      I am going to play how I feel is profitable and I am going to try to adapt to every opponent I face, I will have no set rules for my play or for my progression so long as my overall poker game is moving forward.
      I am going to treat poker like a woodpath, where the most important thing is not where you end up but the walk itself.
    • KnowHung
      Joined: 02.07.2013 Posts: 90
      Keep up the info`s , gona follow on your crushing journey.
    • everyoneissolid
      Joined: 13.03.2011 Posts: 2,652
      nice outside the box thinking - I agree with you , if you have an edge over the field it is obviously better to play wider ranges
      you could think about 3betting even more, compared to your VPIP/PFR its quite low. ppl on higher stakes which are playing a VPIP of 30% usually 3bet more then 10%

      are you winning withou showdown, would like to see some graphs ;)