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    • FatSunny
      Joined: 22.05.2011 Posts: 389
      I guess im allowed to ask about other sites that are not affiliated here? If not sorry!!
      Just want to ask.....

      Has anyone played on this network and whats it like? Software etc

      I hear the rake is very high on cash games, but what about mtts?

      Do they have a good schedule?

      Does HM2 work there?

      Thanks in advance

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    • HergenL
      Joined: 06.06.2011 Posts: 2,548
      Hi FatSunny,

      we generally do not allow most discussions about non-partner rooms. However, you are probably not aware that Winamax actually is a partner of us. We only promote it actively in the french community though, because for most players who have access to the .com-market it's not an interesting option. Here's our download guide (french only):

      Regarding your questions:

      Can't really say anything about the software, but they're market leader in france, so it's probably ok. In general the french market is considered rather soft in terms of average player skill.

      Rake is quite a bit higher both in Cashgames and Tournaments due to taxes. For Multi-Table Tournaments however, this obviously doesn't have a huge impact b/c the amount of rake you pay in comparison to your ROI is generally very low in MTTs.

      The Schedule is supposed to be quite attractive, but you have to consider that the french market is much smaller than the open .com playerpools of most sites. So probably not so good as the main site if you have access to the much larger .com-market as well, but certainly good to add a Tourney or two from Winamax to your evening schedule.

      HM2 works to my knowledge but there's some downsides you should consider as well.

      Firstly you will not be able to collect StrategyPoints for your play there, even if you sign up through us. Can't tell you much about the reasons, we'd obviously always like to award SPs for activity at any of our partner rooms, but in this case that's unfortunately not possible.

      Secondly playing in the french market brings more hassle with it than you are used to from .com poker rooms.
      You will need to have a european bank account and cashouts are only possible to that account (you have several deposit options though).
      Also it's mandatory to verify your account withing 42 days by sending your ID and an account statement of bespoke european bank account, and entering a verification code you get sent by (physical) mail.

      So I'd say if you're looking to add a few options to your MTT schedule, have a european bank account and are willing to go through the verification hassle, it's certainly no mistake to add Winamax to your selection of sites.
      If you're looking for a new main site however, the open .com-market will probably serve you better.

      Hope this helps :)

    • Swish29
      Joined: 06.04.2009 Posts: 263
      The software is definitely among what's best. Rake in MTT is about 11% higher. You will basically pay 9+1 instead of 10+1. I heard tourney pros saying that the MTT schedule is very compact. The offer is decent but compressed within a few hours (not sure if the last sentence is correct English).
    • FatSunny
      Joined: 22.05.2011 Posts: 389
      Thank you both for your answers most helpful :D

      I did try to create an account earlier but had trouble with the banking as you mentioned. They were asking me for Iban numbers and bic numbers which I didnt have a clue about! After looking on my banks website I found i need to get these numbers from them so will do that tomorrow and probably try again.

      I will only be wanting to play a few tournies there so will just make a small deposit to start with not worth playing cash games there from what I have read so not worried about FDB too much.

      Shame about the strategy points tho would have been a nice lil bonus :D
    • izadoria
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 3
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,678
      Hey izadoria,

      Is there anything we can help you with?