Holdem Resources raise/3bet Equilibrium

    • Leito99
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      Looking at the results from this video by collin moshman

      So the equilibrium for a HU match with 15bbs each is:
      (1500stacks, 50sb, 100bb)

      SB min raise to 200: 73.8% of hands
      BB 3bet shove to 1500: 49.1% of hands
      SB call remaining 1300: 36% of hands

      Does this mean that it is impossible if you 3bet shove a min raise with 49% of hands?
      So this in turn means that, if you 3bet less than 49% then you are losing money?

      It seems like a very wide range to 3bet and that nobody is actually 3betting that much

      Does this mean there is a lot of money to be made in the HU stage vs low stakes regs who aren't following these very wide looking ranges?

      I understand that you wouldn't call the 3bet as much if the opponent doesn't 3bet as much, but if we are looking to play unexploitable, then 3betting min raises with 49% and calling 3bets after we minraise with 36% of hands is unexploitable?
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Leito99!

      You will be surprised how many leaks 6-man reg will have in the 15-25bb HU endgame. And lowstakes HU hypes are really soft. I mean, I played just like 1k of them, but the competition is really bad.
      I myself also need to work on my HU game a lot. But yeah, you got that right-if he's raise/calling that range-you can profitably push close to 50% of hands. And yes- many regs won't re-steal as much. For like 20bb, I will also include 3betting non-all in, flatting hands like J8s, Q9s as I expect more value post, but shove K3s f.e. as the hand plays worse postflop. Plenty of things you can do. Usually for like 15bb or less, I would prefer jamming as opposed to flatting unless I have reads that his range f.e. is narrowed and I can't profitably shove, but calling will still have better expectation than folding. F.e. villain is raising 56%, calling any Ax, pair, K6-7o+, any suited King, mid-high suited Queens...Then shipping 87s is gonna be minus EV, but I ain't folding to a min-raise. I am gonna flat and depending on his postflop do this and that. Usually stacking off with any pair and decent draw. If villain flats a lot, I will just ship my low Axs as opposed to raising and playing postflot for 15bb f.e. And so will do many regs. If villain is really crazy with his 3bets-say I expect him to 3bet 50% as in your example and never flats-then yeah, rag Ax-s become an induce. So you really need to work around with the ranges and see what's best.
    • Leito99
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      Solid answer, thanks!

      I am thinking, I can see most regs min raising 73% but only calling a 3bet about 15-20% rather than 36%. So this means that I could easily 3bet ship 50% of my hands making lots of profit. I would imagine they may adapt with time, but one would still make lots of profit before they adapt. On the other hand, even if they may adapt, I don't think they will ever go over 36% so they won't adapt up to the point where its not profitable to 3bet 49%.

      I feel so dumb for not being aware of this before :P
    • ghaleon
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      Versus wide 3betting villain adjustment is to tighten (or polarize) minraise range and call bit wider versus 3bet. Also limping some hands that cannot raise-call but plays decently is good. Of course some range balance is also good so villain cannot just shove like 15bb versus your limp and force you to fold everything.

      So tighter minraise range would not be so easily exploitable anymore even if reg would not call 35%