Creating My Own Poker Club

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      I used to live in a small city of St.Catharines before I moved to Toronto. The poker scene there is pretty much non-existent (there are poker players there) and I think it would be great to have the poker scene prevalent in that city.

      Of course this is still on the drawing board with nothing concrete happening yet for a few years. So really this is just a thought that could turn into reality one day.

      What I want to do is lease a commercial place ($600 max-friend helping) and host poker tournaments on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the downtown core of the city. Buy-ins will range from $5.00-$50.00, 6 max tournament and it'll be great for friends to play against each other or other players and meet new people.

      It'll also be a place where online poker players can come and discuss a hand they played against an opponent and would like constructive opinions on how they played it and what they could have done differently.

      I also won't be charging a fee (rake) or anything like that. My intention as of right now and the upcoming years if this ever lifts off is to introduce poker to the community and have a safe place for everyone who wants to play poker or learn how to.

      There's not much to do in a small city other than clubbing on Friday nights and what not. Eventually it gets old and you're going to want some variety in your life so why not pick up poker? The buy-ins is something a lot of people can afford too.

      Being a poker fanatic myself, this is something I would love to see happen if I ever live in a small city. I think it'll be great, but I know there's a lot of uncertainty around it too.

      What problems could I face if this ever lifts off? What do you think of this idea?


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