PLO stat composition and interpretation

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      I am currently trying to optimize my HUD system in PLO SH and i came across a HM2 option that allows to have different HUDs in different turns like pre-flop, flop, turn and river by using a track system. i was thinking of taking advantage of that. But in the process i realized some very serious leaks of mine:

      Although i had a very general fix HUD system, and i used about 13 very basic stats, coming from HM, i realized that i dont know how to properly read even the fundamental stats like PVIP and PRF in the PLO reality, so i cant even start to reconstruct the HUD system without that knowledge, leading to the following questions:

      Were can i find some good information about reading PLO stats?
      What are some of the most important stats to have by:

      And last but not least:
      How can i make a HUD that combine all of those stats? one example is having a preflop HUD that alows me to have some information from the turn. Ie: Its usefull to know if the vilan tends to fold to cbet alot in the case we are trying to steal blinds, gives us a better idea of what to do preflop.

      Any general HUD structure and interpretation advises are very welcome.
      Thank you for your time and sorry for any bad english
      Best regards
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      Well alot of people will say " It's Depends"

      Omaha game is very dynamic and sometimes stats dont do justice.

      I personally just uses the AVG of the current limit to dictate who is the aggro one and stuff.

      Maybe i use the AF more than anything.