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[SNG] In search of a quantum leap

    • Wertoph
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 34
      an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance - QUANTUM LEAP

      As the title suggests, this is a blog about sng play (9man) on pokerstars.

      I won't bother you with stuff about me, I'll just say that I'm 26 years old, from Croatia and focus more on poker/motivation stuff.

      Title of the blog sums up my vision:

      I see myself becoming a competent player in a short time. Challenging myself on improving and playing good poker.

      My vision includes monetary goals which will provide me with resources to start my own business and become more independent.

      My mission can be outlined with these principles.


      I promised myself I would not quit until I find my breakthrough.

      I had starting capital since 2009 I think, 50$ on full tilt. Never busted it. And in 2012. when full tilt became operational again, I transferred some 67$ to Pokerstars and played some games. Didn't have much time because I went to college and worked, but started playing seriously 2 weeks ago, focusing on 9man sng and watching videos, and studying.


      My results so far:

      Played 1.5$ 9mans till 580th game. Rest is 3.5$.

      I increased my br to about 650$.


      Play 1000 3.5$ sngs by july 20th.

      Start playing 7$ sngs on July 20th (br must be 600$+)

      Gold status Pokerstrategy [ACHIEVED]

      Maintain silver star on PS [ACHIEVED]

      Gold star pokerstars


      Study ICM (HU; BUBBLE; MONEY BUBBLE) although I find it that ICM doesn't cover smallball approach which Moshman advises, so I study his videos and try to emulate.

      Warm up, visualization before sessions.

      50 quality sngs per day, focus on good decisions.

      Mark hands in PT4, review later.

      Goal of this blog is to find people who want to climb the ladder in sngs to talk to, get advice, maybe find people who have done this and get some advice. I need all the help/edge I can get, so I hope someone will talk with me. I'm doing this online ( I have my version of tracking and writing offline) to share and maybe help someone and motivate them too, because I think you have to give first, then you will receive.

      My hero in poker world is obviously Collin Moshman, I watch all his videos and try to learn as much as I can.


      I have been having trouble with money bubble and HU play, trying to find the best approach, I know I have leaks there, so there are opportunities to learn and improve. So if anyone has any advice, would be most helpful.

      I have around 41% itm, but I'm not happy with my finish distribution, I need to win more, I always play for the win, and I know I can improve there.

      On the mental side of things, I cope with bad beats ok, but finishing third when I'm chip leader and playing ok just gets me frustrated, sometimes I Have a feeling that I'd do better by just pressing buttons randomly, but as i review my sessions, I find out that my pushed were good in most cases.

      Positive side is that I view my leaks as opportunities to learn, and that means advancement.

      Hope this post can be edited later, because I will add more stuff. I will try to post when I have something new, both in poker results and/or mental related issues.
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    • Wertoph
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 34

      This is the outcome of my play for past 3 days. My finish distribution is way more geared towards 3rd and 2nd although I haven't changed much in my approach towards itm and HU play.

      I know there are opportunities to improve in these spots, I have reviewed some tournaments, have been unlucky in some spots, but it just makes me angry when I m the chipleader in ITM, and finish 3rd. I Push accordingly, get called both by worse hands, and better hands and still lose.

      Im almost there with my goals for volume and moving up, but these results dont get me quite optimistic about moving up.

      Currently reading merseannary's book about HU and watching Collin's videos.

      Does anyone have advice about reviewing my games in PT4 to make sure I'm not playing poorly and it's mostly variance?