I don't get it

    • RockEye
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      I am following SSS strategy SHC chart and all the rules strictly.
      But i am still slowly loosing money. If i wouldn't released the 20$ bonus and get a 4.60$ rakeback today i'd be at 25$ of my starting capital. Currently my bankroll is at 50.40$.
      It seems i am loosing a lot after flop. I try an occassional blindsteal, but in my expirience i loose more then i get. Playing soo little hands that blinds are killing my buy in's.
      Dunno really if i am so unlucky or am i doing something wrong. I am playing at 0.5/0.10NL at Full tilt.
      I played a few SnG's (1$ ones) and i won two of four, but still i can't progress any further then 50$. (i had 62$ at my best time)
      I am not such a bad player, considering i am playing online poker only two months. I've reread all the articles 5 times.
      I use Poker Tracker and i am classified as Tight/Aggressive (hawk icon) I think that's good?
      I hope i get more luck every day, but it seems everybody else get good cards and i get all the marginal ones.

      Well, i just wanted to ask if anyone has some kind of advice.
      (Maybe my fellow Slovenian players) :D

      Wish me good luck, maybe that will help :tongue:
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    • cannell555
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      Hi RockEye,

      I can't really comment on why your loosing with SSS, as I dont play it myself.


      Keep in mind that .05/.10 on fulltilt is double the rake. So it will be harder than any other platform. Maybe try SnG's until you have a big enough roll to play NL25 SSS. Just a thought.

      Best regards,
    • Hellrabbit
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      Originally posted by RockEye
      I am not such a bad player, considering i am playing online poker only two months.
      Well the problem is that the game doesn't take that into consideration :p

      I don't even know if it's really possible to be a sustainable winner with 10% rake using the sss.

      Good luck anyway !
    • RockEye
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      Thx cannell555 and Hellrabbit. You two have just confirmed my thoughts about SSS on Fulltilt. I've read a lot about Full tilt rake problem at NL10.
      Maybe i'll take a risk and try higher limit. I am doing ok with SnG's so i might listen to your advice.
      Or maybe i'll try BSS and an occassional Ferguson tournament ;)
      What is the lowest limit with 5% rake? NL25 or NL20?