[NL2-NL10] Nl10

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    • Hellrabbit
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      Try using a hand converter and only put a maximum of 2 hands per topic (see sticky topics)

      Anyway, I'll have a go at it :

      1. I'd flatcall there, you still have a very strong hand with a lot of showdown value. If he made the flush it's a bit of cooler, but he could have easily made aces up there as well. Could even be a stone cold bluff, his raise is a bit big for a valueraise
      2. I'd fold that preflop. A bit of a hard one on that flop. You've got TPWK with the nutflushdraw, but seeing his aggression a lot of your outs probably aren't live. I probably would have done the same though :p
      3. Raise that flop, it's probably a cbet and you're ahead most of the times so you don't want him to catch any big cards. If he 3bets the flop, fold.
      4. Don't be afraid to check/fold AK when you don't hit in a 3way pot.
      5. Decent laydown. I don't rate those players high enough to exploit a scare card that way. Give him credit for the A.
      6. The hand played itself :p You flopped the nuts and got the money, wp.
      7. I wouldn't give up right there, you've still got a very strong hand with TPTK and he could easily raise a cbet with just top pair any kicker. I'd call and evaluate on the turn
    • srohack
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      pls post all your hands in a separate thread so we can judge them one by one . 10x :)