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Mixing regular Games and zoom-games during a session - bad idea?

    • IronPumper
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 14,993
      I wonder what your experiences are with this...?

      it aseems to me that mixing zoom with rgular games simultaneously might be not optimal, even though you might not realize it...

      Reaons for that is that they are in one major factor total the opposite
      -> while in regular games the tbl-dynamic is mostly static (unless someone leaves and a new player will join), it is in zoom-games from hand to hand dynamic...
      So it is important to immidiately get an idea fro your tbl whilep laying regular games and developing a plan for this tbl. while in zoom it is very important to spot every new hand the new tbl-dynamic - this is total different or the brain imo and when you have do both at same time, then mb this could lower the quality - what you think bout it?

      So imo mb it is a better idea for ppl who wanna play both (zoom and regular games), to not play them at the same time, but seperate them in different session (zoom-session and session where you only play regular games)...
      Some opinions of you guys would rly interest me.^^

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    • diabolic
      Joined: 05.04.2006 Posts: 113
      I tried to mix some fast poker in with normal tables

      it seems to me that after I mix in more than 2 or 3 normal tables and 3 fast tables, I start to miss out on way too many spots at my fast tables.

      So I try to stay away from mixing them