4-bet 6max zoom sizing help

    • DjolusVicenus
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      As the tittle say, I am struggling to what is good sizing to 4-bet?

      I mostly play zoom just came to 0,2/0,5 and instantly I see more people like to 3-bet than on stakes below. There it wasn't so important to have 4-bet sizing, but now I feel like I need to ask what is a good sizing to 4-bet?


      hero CO raise 0,15

      sb 3bet 0,45

      variance 1 bb fold : hero have 4 bet bluff.... size? ( mine was 1,2)
      variance 2 bb call : hero have 4 bet bluff...? ( mine was 1,5 or even 1,6)

      hero BU raise 0,12

      sb 3 bet 0,40

      variance 1 bb fold : Hero 4bet value.. size ( mine was 1,1)
      variance 2 bb call : Hero 4bet value... size ( mine was 1,4)

      Please help....
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