[NL2-NL10] KK 4bet pot

    • cozacu
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      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      5 Players
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      UTG ($14.84) 148bb
      cozacu (CO) ($9.97) 100bb
      BTN ($22.86) 229bb
      SB ($6.24) 62bb
      BB ($6.66) 67bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 5 players) cozacu is CO K:heart: K:spade:
      1 fold, cozacu raises to $0.30, BTN raises to $0.90, 2 folds, cozacu raises to $2.10, BTN calls $1.20

      Flop: J:diamond: 7:diamond: 6:club: ($3.45, 2 players)
      cozacu bets $2.10, BTN goes all-in $20.76, cozacu goes all-in $5.77

      Turn: 5:heart: ($19.19, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      River: 10:diamond: ($19.19, 2 players, 2 all-

      Villain 24/19 af 2.8 cbet 65 ftcbet 60 wtsd 29 {7.2} 3bet {32%}FT4bet 8.5k hands

      PF= 4b for value

      Flop= value+ protection, after he shoves I put him on JJ but can I really bet fold here w KK in 4bet pot? // I thought/hoped he can have FD+overs, naked FD, QQ.

      He insta calls and shows me JJ.
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    • Dawidas888
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      Hey cozacu,

      Villain's range is probably JJ+ and AK/AQ. Vs that range you are committed.
      Board: Jd7d6c
      Equity Win Tie
      CO 42.51% 39.85% 2.65% { KhKs }
      BU 57.49% 54.84% 2.65% { JJ+, AdKd, AdQd }

      I think you played it fine.

    • mbml
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      The idea of folding an overpair in a 4bet pot seems ridiculous to me. He's gonna have a ton of draws and so many worse made hands like AJ/KJs/QQ/TT. You got unlucky here for sure.

      Anyway I would like to point out that you should probably be betting less than half pot in 4b pots and not 66% pot. I think it's way too large and you should make it cheaper for your bluffs.

    • cozacu
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      I bet it here larger than standard because of the drawheavy board and I had no redraw with no K :diamond:
    • mbml
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      Yea, but largest I'll go is 50% pot. Just because board is draw heavy doesn't mean you must bet so large. You should always think about the stack:pot ratio here and in a 4-bet pot, it's gonna be really low.