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Skrill can't be trusted

    • Rufus433
      Joined: 20.08.2010 Posts: 459
      So i will tell my story, what happened to me and all my situation as clear as i can. Just read it, it can happen to everybody as skrill have proven it and they just don't care.

      So my story starts at May 5th, i woke up ready to start my usual Sunday grind, before that i checked my email where i saw 2 massages that said a friend of mine have sent me ~24$ and ~30$ early in the morning, i was a bit suspicious, because i didn't asked for any money from him, i sent msg to him at skype to ask why he has sent that money, after our conversation he checked his account at it was hacked.

      After that i tried to log in my skrill account but it said that it is closed and i should contact support, so i sent them a message asking what happened.

      Few days later they replied:

      Thank you for contacting us. Following an audit of your account, we must advise that your Skrill account has been terminated. Based on your transaction history, we have reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship. Please note that our decision is final and is not a subject of further negotiations. For more information, please visit section 17 of our Terms and Conditions.

      I talked again with my friend who got hacked, he explained that someone hacked his account transfer big summs of cash to some sports betting site and has sent me the rest of what have left in my account, so i can take the fall.

      After that i sent another message to skrill explaining how stupid it would be to send that money to my own account if i would have taken any part in that hacking, as i don't know who did it or why.

      Anyone who have done business with me know i always pay my dept and i run clean business as i have 2 year staking deal behind me, there are a lot of poker players and anyone with whom i have exchanged money @skrill or real life can vouch for me, but they really don't care, i asked what they find in that investigation they just replied that
      We are sorry to tell you that during a recent audit of your Skrill account, we found reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship. Therefore your account has been closed. Please note that this decision is final.

      I just want to warn you all guys, don't keep your money at skrill as they really don't care about their costumers and as i explained from my experienced all you need to lose your account and all your money is just receive payments from hacked accounts, i was lucky that i had only 5$ there so not big of a deal, i don't expect that they will do anything about my situation as they stated this is their final decision, just wanted to let you all know that they can't be trusted.

      This needs to be taken serious as i know a lot of my friends and fellow poker players keep all of their money @ skrill, so next time when you log out from your account know, that it can be gone next time you come back even if you didn't do anything wrong, and know that skrill won't be there to help you.

      PS. i can provide all detailed info, emails, skype chats, to back my story up so if you need just send me a message here. If skrill representative reads this know that it will be on every forum so EVERYONE can be aware how less skrill thinks about their costumers.
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    • Skodljivec
      Joined: 17.12.2011 Posts: 5,709
      That sounds sick. If everything you said is true, that's really wierd. I would think tough that perhaps if someone had more than 5$ on their acc, they would approach the situation differently.

      My experience with skrill has been nothing short of excellent thus far.

      Perhaps someone alse will be able to put some light on this matter
    • Rufus433
      Joined: 20.08.2010 Posts: 459
      I was using skrill for more than year without any problems myself, i like the fast service between pokerstars and skrill, but this whole situation seems to me, don't know even how to call it, silly?

      As you said, it maybe the case that i had only 5$ there, but if you think about it it should not have changed a thing, as i was actively using my skrill card at shops and other places.

      Weirdest thing was that me and my friend sent money to each other ~1month or so before this thing happened as it wasn't just to last sender, but as i said, i had no involvement in this crime and i suspected that skrill would have done proper investigation and clear my name, but 2 month have gone by and i just received replay from them that nothing will change. I can only speculate why it was sent to me, neither me nor my friend can think who or why hacker sent that money to my account, other than it was random to just blame somebody.