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Could anyone help...?

    • letsmakemoney
      Joined: 06.08.2008 Posts: 33
      I am playing SSS on NL10 for about a month now and something I might be doing wrong, but cant figure out what.

      The result is so far:

      - on Full Tilt, I went up to 100$ until the bonus was coming, which means I did not win or loose anything basecaly.
      - on Everest poker, even with the bonus, I got down from 50$ to 32$.

      Played so far ~25k hands and I registered in Elephant the data for the last 18861.

      I enclose the results for those, so maybe someone who has more experience can see something I could not figure out. I am posting my biggest looser hands on the Hungarian web site usually and based I am not playing them badly, very standard.

      so the data:

      Room: Full Tilt - is this good for NL10 btw? If not, which is the best?
      Number of hands: 18861 in 15 days. 7 days lost (range: 3.9$ to 32.05$), 8 days won (0.75$ to 10.6$).
      If I play more then 1000 hands/day, without two exceptions I always loose a big amount.
      Bankrol impact: -47.95$
      BB/100: -2.54

      Table selection: min 8ppl, max 1 or 2 ppl with small stack but not always SSS player, min 28% ppl/flp, max 75 hands/ hour
      Avegare win for the cards in the strategy starting hand list: 0.13$ - This seams to me pretty low, but would be interested in your feedback. usually I do not get any action on my good hands, unless they have a monster and generally loose.

      Preflop raise: 5.4%
      Handrange showdown: 2.7%
      WtSDwsF: 32.5%
      W$@SD: 51.4%
      W$wsF: 39.1$ - the last two seam to be very low for me.
      Handrange flop: 8.4%
      Handrange Turn: 4.4%
      Handrange River: 3.4%
      Handrange Showdown: 2.7%

      On the top 100 looser hands I found 5 to 6 where I shall not have done what I did and can post all of them if that would help and someone has the bandwidth to look at them. Will post all of them without exception so you can have fun also. :D

      Can figure out how to do a video also if that is helpfull.űűLet me know guys pls if you have any idea or need mroe data.

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    • RockEye
      Joined: 12.08.2008 Posts: 416
      I heard several times that FT NL10 is bad for begginers SSS, because of 10% rake.
      I have the same problem. For now when bonus is coming regularly i am sitting at 50$ i got from PS for 3 weeks. So in general i'd be at 30$ if wouldn't get 20$ bonus already. It means that i am not making any profit.
      I got an advice from cannell55 on the other thread that i rather try 1$ SNG's until i build my bankroll for higher limits.