This is a whimpering post about how impossibly bad I run with 3X hands -- so be warned!

Here are ALL 7 hands today where I had 3X (or better), over 1.034 hands (the whole session) so I probably ran well for hitting sets. Not that that matters when your opponents suck this hard...

Enjoy seeing me die at the poker tables:

1. 9:spade: 9:heart: played 13:24 Play hand turn check costs the pot

2. T:club: T:diamond: played 13:25 Play hand villain is a total calling station

3. 4:heart: 4:spade: played 13:40 Play hand another Fish who calls with anything

4. A:spade: A:diamond: played 13:58 Play hand not really a 3X hand as all-in PF when I was already huge favorite

5. T:club: T:heart: played 14:06 Play hand TAG plays it scared and catches a sick River. What about my line?

6. 2:spade: 2:diamond: played 14:32 Play hand IMO the only hand I played perfectly

7. 5:club: 5:diamond: played 14:34 Play hand I read passive villain for a big hand, but I am not getting enough implied here

Comments about how I played the hands always welcome.