6max microlimits: 3bet, 4bet

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    • Saren113
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      Blockers is good hands to start out with!
    • mkjmkjmkj
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      vs steals i would normally also 3bet AQ JJ for value and if someone opens utg and he is tight i would only 3bet KK AA for value and call AK QQ

      hands to use for 3bet bluffs if villain tend to 4bet use hands with blockers that are not good enough to call a 2bet. If villain tend to call 3bets use suited connectors or suited one gappers if you think the suited connecters are good enough to call a 2bet.
    • DrDunne
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      yeah it's a pretty huge topic. the more someone folds to 3bets the more we should be 3bet bluffing and flatting with our stronger hands. the more someone calls vs our 3bets the wider we should 3bet for value and reduce our bluffs. that's basically the starting point.

      when going into the theory of 3betting it's good to learn what a polarised range is, what a merged (or depolarised -- or linear) range is, and most importantly when to use these and why you are using them. it's a pretty huge topic but if i were you i'd start looking into these terms and make some plans against hypothetical opponents.

      it's also important what limit you are on because imo nl2 and nl5 is not really the sort of limit you wanna be 3bet bluffing too much on - if you do it on these limits then you have to be really sure about who you're 3betting and why. only starts to really be a consideration at nl10 but even then im sure you could beat the game by playing purely for value. so it really depends.
    • MarliesB
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      What exactly are those blockers? Stuff like A8? K9?