• Robertursell
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      i have been playing online for a few months now.

      i learnt the rules of poker about a year ago, and have read books and learnt a lot in that time

      i feel like i am at a decent standard now

      i always lose my bankroll in the end even if i've built it to 4 times its original size.

      i play at the micro limits

      i am usually winning in sessions but i tilt so badly and lose it all very quickly if im losing

      is this something that comes with time, or should i be able to walk away when i feel myself tilting by now

      also i make calls knowing ive fallen behind out of frustration

      is that something you pick up over time?

      it hasnt cost me much because ive mostly played with free bankrolls but i feel like i should be winning
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    • Sonydahaka
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      Hy robert!

      I have quiet the same problem, and i noticed that when i am going on tilt and begin to play bad, i's just better to take a break of about 3,4 hours and do something that makes you feel happy, or maybe even a break for a day.