Hi All :)

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      Hi All,

      I'm Matt, new member to this site, I found saw an advert on TV and since I love to play poker I thought I might join so I can find some help to improve my poker skills.

      I play poker whenever I have chance on PKR but I'm not a Pro of course. I really want to improve my poker skills so at least I can make some money per month, approximately a hundred per month will do.

      I watch Poker channel everyday, and watch videos as well, have won some hands and managed to win some tournaments as well but I want to be better than this

      Anyone has any suggestions what I should or can do to improve my skill in the game of poker?

      Thanks :)
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    • gadget51
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      Hi there Matt and a very warm welcome to you!

      My first suggestion is that you go here:


      Pass the quiz first then sign up to a poker site through us and apply for the free money - or depositing yourself is fine to.
      Make sure to follow the instructions carefully for registering at a poker site, we wouldn't want you to miss out!

      If you're not sure which room you owuld like to play at, perhaps because you're new to the game, then go here:

      Choosing the right Poker Room for you!

      answer a couple of questions and an expert will suggest the perfect poker room for you.

      Ok, second: the big green link at the bottom of my post leads to the NL Beginners Course information. You can join and leave as you like and learn from professional coaches and it's free to join - yes, totally free. :f_cool:

      After that it's all up to how far you want to go!

      If you need anything else explained please do ask, we will do our best to help you get the answers you need.

      Meanwhile, best regards and have fun,