Is it a good idea to try to build a bankroll with PLO8 CG ?

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      after a longer poker break I have started playing again since about six months ago. I first started with PLO hi CG but was sort of apalled by the huge swings, not that I have played that much hands but seeing all the swingy graphs, I thought I was better off with playing hi/lo to have less variance. But given the split pot character of the game the rake is extremely high. I mean there will be no alternative to playing the cg micros in order to learn that game, but as far as bankroll building is concerned, is PLO8 micro at all beatable unless one is the supercrusher? Should the bankroll come rather from PLO hi or NLHE?
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      Hi, akephalos
      Welcome Back!

      If you crush a game, you can build a BR with it.

      There is an old joke:
      Q: How do you win a small fortune playing PLO8?
      A: Start w/ a large one.

      Yeah, OK, so its a lame joke and I think originally it was some other business than PLO8 but you get the idea.

      I think that you said it best here:
      But given the split pot character of the game the rake is extremely high
      So it comes down to:
      Where is your best edge?

      You might want to have a look at this member's blog. He's the only PLO player I know of that blogs, and it might give you an idea of what you're up against.

      All the best,
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      Hi, akephalos,

      I have messed about with poker for a while and time again decided to return to CG as tourneys tilt the hell out of me, I am going to start again at the very start and learn NLH cash but also mix in a bit of Omaha8 and also Stud8 the reason, well I hear the split pot distributes less variance, is it true? if you get good sure and you can say this about any game as well as "you should play the game your good at", you need to look at poker from a different direction I think, not just you but me as well and it is this, "everyone and his dog play's NLH now and nearly everyone and his dog has written about NLH, it's time for a change and to do our best from a different direction", if this means trying a different game then go for it and as a matter of fact I find Omaha8 a nice change.

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      By the way try this link to this blog