[NL20-NL50] SH50 - AK in 3b 3way pot

    • chocular77
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      €0.25/€0.50 No Limit Holdem
      5 Players
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      UTG (€46.13) 92bb
      CO (€47.71) 95bb
      BTN (€32.57) 65bb
      hero (SB) (€65.99) 132bb
      BB (€76.42) 153bb

      Pre-Flop: (€0.75, 5 players) hero is SB K A
      1 fold, CO raises to €1.43, 1 fold, hero raises to €5, BB calls €4.50, CO calls €3.57

      I put BB on mostly JJ,TT and AQ.
      CO can call with a very wide range.

      Flop: 3 6 T (€15, 3 players)
      hero checks, BB checks, CO checks

      Turn: 5 (€15, 3 players)
      hero bets €8, BB raises to €23, CO folds, hero calls €15

      I got the flushdraw+overcards and since nobody bets otf i tried to semibluff.
      After BB raise i only can put him on TT since no other hand makes sense.
      So i discounted the A/K outs and thought that i get his stack if i hit + i get good odds.
      I would donk allin on the river.

      When playing i didn't discount Ts and 3s because i need to c/f on those.
      But still i get enough implieds since it would be very hard for him to fold his TT on the river.

      River: 9 (€61, 2 players)
      hero checks, BB bets €48.42, hero folds

      Final Pot: €61
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    • mbml
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      Flop is close with backdoor FD + 2 overs. I honestly wouldn't mind cbetting this hand cos if you are never bluffing here then your range for betting the flop 3-way becomes overly transparent. But I'm betting with the intention of firing off my stack on blank runouts.

      The line you took is also fine though. I'm a little confused as to what BB could be raising here with, looks a lot like TT.

      Vs a strong range your implied odds are going to be pretty high so just b/c the Turn and hope to get paid off on 20% of rivers.