Poker in Luton

    • Sipnoza
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      Hi i moved to Luton , any1 know where i can play and tables are open every day ?

      I found a Grosvenor G Casino any1 knows smth about this place? regs ? rake? I know only that games starts after 7pm :( (((thats sux..)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Sipnoza,

      I've only been to Luton Grosvenor once for the GUKPT. Not sure what the current stakes/tables/tournaments are.

      A quick internet search or check on Grosvenor's website should provide the latest info, failing that if local, suggest popping in and asking the poker staff there. They're always pretty friendly & helpful at Grosvenor in my experience.

      Think there's also a Genting in or around Luton somewhere too, but not personally been there yet.

      Good luck & enjoy your poker,