switching from 0,50-1 to 1-2 at pokerstars

    • Brozac
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      hi guys this is my fisrt post on this forum i play 0,50-1 at pokerstars and iam having such huge problems in playing 1-2 i feel i play the same way and the players are not much better but i just cant win at 1-2 in ps. my win rate at 0,50 is 4.75 bb/100 hands. i wanted to post a picture here of my tracker stats but i also dont know how to do that. few help please. many thanks
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    • wormboy77
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      When you are writing/editing a post there is a toolbar at the top of the textbox. There is a yellow icon named 'insert image' and you have to link your pic from a site where you upload your image.(Eg.: photobucket.)
    • CoreySteel
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      Ch4pmaister is your pokerstars nick? I played with you couple of times in last few days... You are tough to beat :)
    • Yoghi
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      Stats look very good to me actually, its just your W$SD thats suboptimal :P Its most likely due to a downswing though.

      Maybe your AFs can be somewhat (like 0.5) lower on the flop and the turn.

      Also this isnt really a good samplesize ;) Just keep on playing like this and youll get there most likely.

      And I almost forgot to say that you should post some of the hands which you had troubles with. We are very happy to welcome a new member in the active community and want to help you.