Fifty50 Questions (ROI, mixing with 9mans, multitabling)

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      Hello guys!

      I have some questions about Fifty50.

      1.What is the ROI of the best players at 15$ and 30$? (I guess 4-5% and 2-3%, correct?)

      2. Is that possible to mix these games with 9man turbos? Is it confuing to play 9 man turbos and turbo50s when multitabling (playing 15 tables for example)

      3. What is the hourly table amount if you play 15-20 table at a same time?

      4. Are these easier of more difficult to play Fifty 50s compared to turbo 9 mans when multitabling? (standard push fold game like 9 mans or much more complicated?)

      5. How much variance is expected if your ROI is around 2% and playing on level 15$?

      Thank you in advance
      Zsolti from Hungary
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